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ATT – what are you flinging again?

Techdirt notes that the USA Today title “ATT Flings cellphone network wide open” is quite a bit of hype given that it’s been open for 3 years.     Although the article itself notes that this is really nothing big and new, it is … Continue reading

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Google to buy Sprint? Only if Sprint gets really “gets lucky”.

Rumors that Google might buy Sprint appear to be mostly just that – silly rumors to catch a headline.    Not so much that it would be a bad idea – for Sprint it would be the rescue they can only dream about … Continue reading

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Open Handset Alliance

Today Google and partners announced the Open Handset Alliance, a group of phone related businesses and technology providers that are committing to develop phones and software with an “open architecture”.    Although showcasing an actual Google Phone would have been more dramatic, this … Continue reading

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