Unfortunately I’m not in Montreal now as is my pal Rob and Alicia, possibly pals Tom and Diane, and recently there were pals Keith and Anne, all on totally unrelated adventures.   Hey Dad – check out the Montreal Web Cam

I grew up in a small NY city of Plattsburgh, about 60 miles south of the thriving metropolitain, French Speaking, Expo Baseball playing Montreal, Quebec.   It remains one of my favorite cities because the French/English/Canadian cultural crossroads is so cool.    I think it’s the closest thing to Europe you are going to get in North America.  I used to go there often as a kid but now that the folks have moved here to Oregon it’s a bit too long of a drive.

World Cup Standings

The World Cup has been fun to watch and here is a great little chart at the FIFA website with tournament standings and upcoming game times.    I think I’ll root for England because it’s time we all get over those tax problems of the 1770s.

The Globalist points out that international sports events are now signficant at a macroeconomic level, and that World Cup 2006 should add about 5 billion euros to the German GDP this year.    Their 2002 article was more interesting in terms of itemizing both the benefits to co-hosts Japan and Korea and the potential costs which included the *drag* on the UK economy if England made it to the final and people slacked off at work to watch their team.   Clearly, soccer sports quite an economic kick.