Daily Archives: June 3, 2006

Go to HELL! Hell, Michigan.

Hell, Michigan seems to be getting carried away with the upcoming 6-6-06 festivities. Thanks, but I’m happy here in Talent Oregon. …. and I thought Roswell had a unique tourism promo hook!

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Almost 5000 dead and counting

No, not from the Indonesian earthquake – indeed a terrible tragedy. Global warming? Ha – not even the most alarmist proponents make this claim. Nope, not from terrorism, which tragically took perhaps 5 or even 10 lives today despite *trillions* … Continue reading

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Watch out for the … Amazon!

Over at Webmasterworld someone was noting Amazon's new free commercial website service and wondering if they were watering down their brand with all the new online services Amazon is offering.  To the contrary I think the Amazon strategy is brilliant … Continue reading

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