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Millions die. Millions more wait to die. All due to our narrow and irrational focus. Man do we suck!

Another one for the “narrow focus kills millions” department: Wikipedia on Rotavirus Vaccines, which are improving and will save *millions* of people: An earlier vaccine, Rotashield by Wyeth-Ayerst, had to be taken off the market in the late 1990s after … Continue reading

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Spinach economy losing $1 million per day. A microcosm of global concern overreaction and stupidity.

Who’d have thunk that spinach was a pretty big biz. This article suggests that the spinach scare is losing a million per day for California farmers, some of whom are plowing it all under and laying off workers. Of course … Continue reading

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Clinton Global Initiative

The Clinton Global Initiative is tackling the world’s major problems. It’s a great effort with the backing of one of the world’s most effective superpower schmoozers, Bill Clinton. Although I’d suggest that the Copenhagen Consensus is a more rational way … Continue reading

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Clean Water for the developing world is child’s play thanks to this super clever project

Play Pumps attach a merry go round to water pumps to put the energy of kids to great use in the developing world where clean water is a top priority.  Brilliant.

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