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WordPress Flickr Pictures Tip 2 – post a single Flickr photo in a WordPress blog post

Flickr has a fantastic, easy feature to post your Flickr picture in your WordPress Blog. First, add your blog to Flickr by logging into Flickr, going to your account and selecting add a blog. Now you only need to visit … Continue reading

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BCReunion2004, Chemainus BC

BCReunion2004, Chemainus BC Originally uploaded by JoeDuck. Chemainus Mural, Chemainus B.C., Canada depicting the Native people of the British Columbia region, many of whom were displaced when Europeans arrived.

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WordPress Flickr – embed Flickr photos in WordPress blog

Maybe I’m just slow, but it took me a long time to figure out how to do some neat stuff with my Flickr pix and my WordPress hosted blog. To embed your own Flickr photos in your WordPress blog you’ll … Continue reading

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Don’t backup your drive – do something more productive instead and absorb the risk.

Guy Kawalski is being WAY too hard on himself after losing his hard drive and failing to back it up. He cites the book “Why Smart People do Dumb Things” which suggests these ridiculous reasons for things like…failing to back … Continue reading

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