Mountain Climbers lost in China

Update: There is bad news in this search – one body has been found on remote mountain slope in China: CNN Reports

It has now been identified as Charlie Fowler  Boskoff is still missing but it appears they presume she did not make it either.

Mountain Madness was the company founded by Scott Fisher who died on Mt Everest in the ill fated expedition chronicled in the book “Into Thin Air”.

CLICK HERE for the Fowler Boskoff blog that is collecting any relevant information about the missing climbers Fowler and Boskoff.

James Kim Search Discussion – Click here | Mount Hood Climber Search

CNN reports two elite US Mountain Climbers are lost in China, it appears after returning to a city after conquering one of the world’s tallest unclimbed peaks and perhaps heading off for new mountains.

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Bill Gates and the Bloggers

James Kim Search Discussion – Click here | Mount Hood Climber Search

Some very high profile and clever folks in the blogging community got to head up to Microsoft HQ and meet with Bill Gates yesterday to discuss the future of the internet, especially ways to make the upcoming MIX07 conference relevant to the needs of those attending.

I missed meeting Gates at MIX06 earlier this year but I know several of the bloggers that were invited so I’ll have to settle for one degree of separation. I’m a huge fan of Bill Gates’ superb global health initiatives though not at all a fan of many of his “old style” ideas about computing and the internet. I think he, and MS at large, continues to view the internet as primarily a technological rather than a sociological development (clue: it’s 80% sociological, 19% technical and 1% electrical)

The reports are starting to come in:

Mike Arrington

Steve Rubel

Ryan Stewart

Niall Kennedy

Liz Gannes

Todd Bishop