Lomborg on “Climate Hysteria”

As concerned as I have been about the scientific sensationalism and downright deceptive presentations in Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth“, I was rooting for Al last night at the Oscars. Perhaps as consolation prize for losing the US Presidency?

Contrary to what many think it’s clear to me that Al Gore is sincere in his crusade against climate change, and also it’s important to remember that if the US electoral system OR the ballots in a critical county in Florida did not have significant quirks he is *extremely* likely to have won the presidency, shifting global affairs over the past 6 years about as much as you can imagine since Gore was strongly against the Iraq war and would have brought an entirely different agenda to the American political table.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger pointed out at the National Press club recently, political compromise and partnerships are the practical approach to solving problems. I really like that guy!

With this in mind I’ve been feeling too strident in my criticism of focusing far too much on Global Warming, but whenever I read Lomborg’s clear headed analysis…I know I’m right to be upset at the hysteria mongers who are deflecting us from caring about ongoing health and human welfare catastrophes in the 3rd world.

Lomborg’s got it right .. again… but nobody is listening … again.

PS – for anybody who thinks Katrina was from Global Warming *please* at the very least, review the comments by key, mainstream scientists which suggest quite clearly that it’s absurd to suggest Katrina is from warming.  Also interesting.  People have become so immune to the Global Warming truth they aren’t even reading any science. READ the IPCC summary!

Where did that $14,000,000,000,000.00 go again?

It struck me how great it would be to have a website to track government spending, which even to the most enthusiastic tax and spender often falls short of the mark.   One of the reasons federal spending is so wildly inefficient and out of control  (even while under the hypocritical watch of those who claimed they were not huge spenders), is that it’s almost totally non-transparent.    Few Americans, me included, bother to follow up on where our hard earned tax dollars go.

How much could we cut out and get about the same performance from government?    I’d guess about half if it was very deliberately allocated to local agencies with more direct accountability to those they serve.    A good example was something like $60,000,000,000 spent during Katrina which probably has yielded the service equivalent perhaps a tenth that amount would have given the affected areas if it had been placed directly in the hands of the people and volunteer groups on the ground right after the disaster.

The site is called FedSpending.org and it’s right here