Raining on the Gadget/Widget parade, Jeremy?

When Yahoo’s Jeremy is concerned about something technical you *always* need to pay close attention, as he’s one of the most knowlegeable observers of the internet landscape as well as a key driver of Web 2.0 innovation over at the unrivaled Yahoo Development department.

Today Jeremy listed several concerns about the challenges of widgets (aka Gadgets) including security and bloated websites.   Considering that many, including me, see a coming gadget revolution where our desktops will become littered almost beyond recognition with site gadgets, desktop gadgets, and more, it might be a good time to listen to Jeremy and solve some of these problems or at least standardize things, especially to reduce spyware and malware issues which will likely become even worse as users become less sophisticated and gadgets become more complex.

Nomenclature Primer aka Yahoo and Apple say WidgeTomato, Google and MSN say GadgeTomatoe:
Yahoo still calls gadgets widgets as does Apple, but Google changed widgets to gadgets to be consistent with Microsoft which, at MIX06, was heavily promoting desktop gadgets as one of Vista’s strong suits and website gadgets as a key web innovation.   Google leads the Gadget pack now thanks to Adam Sah and the excellent gadget team.

I think everybody should rename all these things “Little boxes made of Ticky Tacky”.

Intel Teraflop chip doing one trillion mathematical calculations a second

Intel’s new prototype computer chip could herald a new age of computing reports the New York Times today. The “Teraflop” chip is not yet ready for widespread use but the advanced capabilities represent a leapfrog over current chip technologies offered by Intel and AMD.

One *trillion* calculations per second. How many can you do? One can’t help but think these speeds and power will soon break down the barriers between human minds and mechanical ones, leading to a revolution in thought the likes of which we may not be able to even imagine… without the aid of computer enhancements to our own brains! I just hope I can use my Circuit City coupons for a new, enhanced brain.

Rescue Wiki – check it out !

Rescue Wiki is a new website to assist Search and Rescue efforts around the world. Like DangerData.com it is an experimental approach to enlisting online help for SAR efforts.

Wikis can be a good way to collectively process information if you are dealing with a computer savvy crowd, but in my experience they limit participation compared to blogs which make it easier to comment and to passively participate.

Rescue Wiki has both, which may be a great solution. Check it out and let him know what you think!  Rescue Wiki