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Raining on the Gadget/Widget parade, Jeremy?

When Yahoo’s Jeremy is concerned about something technical you *always* need to pay close attention, as he’s one of the most knowlegeable observers of the internet landscape as well as a key driver of Web 2.0 innovation over at the … Continue reading

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Intel Teraflop chip doing one trillion mathematical calculations a second

Intel’s new prototype computer chip could herald a new age of computing reports the New York Times today. The “Teraflop” chip is not yet ready for widespread use but the advanced capabilities represent a leapfrog over current chip technologies offered … Continue reading

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Rescue Wiki – check it out !

Rescue Wiki is a new website to assist Search and Rescue efforts around the world. Like DangerData.com it is an experimental approach to enlisting online help for SAR efforts. Wikis can be a good way to collectively process information if … Continue reading

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