Orthotics !

After  having a lot of trouble with foot pain in the arch of my foot I decided to look into Orthotics.  The word sounds like a major geriatric bone condition, but actually Orthotics refers simply to supportive shoe inserts.    Orthotics are a premium LIFE HACK for people who have foot problems, and I think there is not a need to invest in the big expensive or “As seen on TV” orthotics.

I’m a little flat footed, and had heard about “Arch Support” and orthotics (inserts that support the heel and arch) but it was only recently I decided to check them out after several months of pain – perhaps due to more walking than I have in the past.

Wow, the Orthotics I got, which were just Dr. Scholls off the shelf ones for $8 a pair, worked wonders and I’m enjoying pain free walking and Table Tennis at our Table Tennis Club.

Speaking of Table Tennis the site is first for Ashland Table Tennis as it certainly should be, but we should also be first for all these terms because we are to my knowledge the *only* organized Table Tennis game serving Medford Oregon Table Tennis.

My dad has also had great results with his deluxe $20 custom made orthotics where they actually took a mold of his foot.    I’ll go that route if I have future trouble, but for now I’m saying bless Dr. Scholls, bless Wal-Mart, and please pass the Orthotic ammunition.

Bald Britney Spears busts out of Britney Spears rehab

Some time ago I was testing how terms are getting ranked by search engines here at the blog and I noted that blog traffic spiked from a simple post about Cicarelli, a famous model.   Time to test Britney Spears which is often at the top of all the world’s internet searches.

This is testing what happens when I mention Britney Spears in a blog post.   I apologize – sort of – to those of you who actually carefully follow Britney Spears news on a regular basis.  I’m not immune to the prurient interest in Britney that has captivated *billions* worldwide, but it really is a sad commentary on the state of our cultural well-being that Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan garner far more news time than, say, Global Health …

….. gee whiz Britney Spears, you’ve done it again!

Britney Spears Shaves Head, scream the headlines, and then in the small print if at all… millions die from lack of oral rehydration therapy.

We should be ashamed of Britney Spears, and ashamed of ourselves.

Larry Page – Artificial Intelligence attainable.

Over at Battelle’s there is a good AI discussion. I’m always amazed by how reluctant we humans are to realize that our intellectual abilities are neat, but generally overrated. In the evolution debate you see folks unwilling to recognize the obvious fact that humans are *almost certainly* an evolutionary extension of simpler organisms. In the AI debate even many who agree that humans are the product of evolution seem reluctant to assume that machines will ever attain consciousness.

Sure, there are significant computational and possibly biological hurdles in the quest for a fully conscious machine intellect, but there’s little reason to think these can’t be overcome within at most a few decades and hopefully sooner.

Hey – maybe I’m just sucking up to the intelligent machines so they’ll like me when they start reading the internet stuff written before they were conscious. Shame on me!