Blogging Revolution – off with their LINKS!

After joining the blogging revolution last week I got excited about replacing the “A list” bloggers with “better” bloggers that I knew were out there and I knew were not getting read enough. There was enough interest that I thought maybe a bunch of us could use that tiny little blog guilotine and cut off links to the A lister sites and encourage others to do the same, replacing those links with new voices in the blogging community.

One of my favorite A listers, Robert Scoble, was admirably urging on the effort to find good new voices. To Robert’s credit he has always been a great blog community member who engages his readers and other blogs regularly.

Problem ONE has been to identify what exactly “A list” means. I thought there would be *lists* of all the A listers but there are few. Dave Winer The Technorati 100 is a good starting point though so I’m removing links to these sites (yes, I know this is not “fair”, but revolutions are a tough business:

Technorati Top 100

I’m going to be replacing them on my blog using this excellent list of Venture Capitalists who blog about technology plus some of my own picks from the past year, which I’ll profile as I add them.   The basic theme of the blogs will be technology and business.

VC Blogs:

But wait, that list is from “Seeking Alpha”, an A list blog! That is not fair and not even rational!?

Revolutions are a tough, irrational business. File all complaints with the executioner via email.

To be continued….