Pennsylvania Penses

Several questions have come up on this PA trip.  What better way to remember the questions and (as I find them) the answers than to … blog them:

How do Evening Primroses work?

What puts the fire in a firefly / lightening bug?

What is a Township?

What is a Pike?

Why is the bizarre Trojan War art exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art considered a significant contribution to contemporary art rather than just “silly”.

Amish Country, Pennsylvania

We are winding up our trip to Pennsyvania and the New Jersey Shore here in Lancaster, the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Sunday is kind of a “slow” day here because the tourism is very much geared to Amish themes and real Amish folks go to church and take a day of rest, doing only essential chores on Sunday. We did pass a lot of buggies today on their way to and from Churches in the area.

Tomorrow we’ll drive to Intercourse and Paradise and there will be folks tilling their fields with horse drawn plows, vegetable stands tended by kids in bonnets and hats, and hopefully some time to chat with folks for whom time has largely stood still, in a technological sense, for over a century.

[where: lancaster, PA]