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The Blogging Revolution has begun! (?)

Kent Newsome has sounded the clarion call for a blogging revolution, and I for one am *in*. Mark July 4, 2007 as the beginning of the revolution that will bring down the tired elite establishment in favor of more prominence … Continue reading

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Philadelphia Freedom

Happy birthday to our great American Experiment! Our local morning talk show had many callers who were concerned about American’s poor reputation over much of the world and concerns about the health of the USA as a democracy. I’m not … Continue reading

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Kijiji starts with a whimper not a bang

Lots of buzz today about EBAY’s entry into the online classifieds space with Kijiji.com but I don’t think Craigslist has much to worry about. Kijiji is easy to navigate with maps and Kijiji is easy to understand and Kijiji makes … Continue reading

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