Britney Spears Loses Kids today. Oh, and some 27,000 children will lose their LIVES. Today

OK, so it’s beneath me as a web guy, technology “writer” and pseudo journalist to write about Britney Spears latest headline sweeping news.     But wait, sadness for her children aside it’s another SEO experiment!

It’s true by the way.  A court just ordered Britney to give up her children to ex-husband Kevin Federline.  Frankly, I’m surprised that with all her wealth she could not have bought her way out of this, probably an excellent decision by the judge.   Poor Britney is a mess – a victim of our overwhelming entertainment and star obsession.  Now her kids are victims too.

But, this isn’t really news and all of us should be completely ashamed of ourselves for the attention we and the networks and our world give to this garbage.  Sure it’s titillating, but it’s not news.  News is big.  News matters.  News is that about 27,000 children die each *day* from preventable causes that, if prevented would likely reduce our own economic and military burdens. 

Poor Britney Spears, poor Britney!  Oh, yes, and poor 27,000 children.