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Facebook is not worth $100,000,000,000.00 ?! What is this, the 1980s?

Jason Calcanis has an excellent post noting that Facebook madness has become so absurd people are now seriously suggesting that a company with 100 million in revenues could be worth 100 billion.    Ha – only a year ago knowlegeable people were scoffing at the … Continue reading

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Google and Wikipedia combine to “bomb” NYC.

Update – below was “fixed” with Wiki’s correction and Google’s refreshed index. Looks like the bogus snippet lasted about 1-2 days at Google – probably even less at Wikipedia because they have people reviewing the edits. ————- Search credibility is … Continue reading

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Tennis at the Burj-al-Arab?

This is one of those real things that at first seems too amazing to believe until you do a little research to confirm that it is in fact a real Tennis Court – the highest in the world.  The Burj-al-Arab is one … Continue reading

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Madonna Rocks the Music

Madonna’s $120,000,000 deal ( Wall Street Journal story) with Live Nation signals a powerful shift in the music industry that hopefully will lead to a cutting out of the middlemen in favor of the best for the artists and for … Continue reading

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LitLiberation is a new idea about raising money for charity.   Because of the “prizes” for top fundraisers I was thrown off a bit but when I saw the list of donation folks, which includes Matt Mullenweg and Marc Andressen, and saw the … Continue reading

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