The Donny Deutsch Experiment

Hey, my Donny Deutsch post, part of our SEO Experiment series here at Joe Duck, is now at #12 worldwide as we move into CES.   What?  a few hours after this post I dropped to 34 – not sure wazzup. OK, now back to 12 minutes later – may just have been a server shuffle thing or my mistake …   My goal is to get into the top three sites for the query “Donny Deutsch” although Google’s quirkiness could make this tricky to do before next week. I think I’ll rise over time thanks to the incoming links and the inordinate amount of Donny Deutsch attention here at the blog, but normally you’d try to rise to the top over many months and not a few weeks. However “Donny Deutsch” is not a highly competitive term so I’ll have a shot here.  Though Donny Deutsch is is a fairly heavily searched name due to Donny’s excellent TV show “The Big Idea With Donny Deutsch”, his bombastic style and his ability to pony up $200,000,000 without going into debt.\

What?  You are looking for the Donny Deutsch Big Idea CES website?   Here it is!

When Targeted Advertising … ATTACKS…

HEY!  I’m just sitting here minding my New Years’ business when suddenly this Google ad pops up in my face at Gmail.  Sometimes these targeted ads … hurt my feelings!

Are You Ugly?Are-You-Ugly.comJust an Average Joe? Find Out, Take the Quiz!

Google, I’m *proud* to be an average Joe.  Proud I say!

Dodgeball vs Twitter


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In a recent analysis for TechDirt Insight Community I was looking at mobile social networking. Although Alexa comparisons leave something to be desired this Twitter vs Dodgeball reach comparison is pretty darn striking, and shows how the more “robust” Dodgeball has been crushed by Twitter. My take on what happened with Twitter is simple: Twitter rocked the SXSW conference last year as the key networking application for a large number of “alpha” onliners. This popularity has carried over as mobile networking moved into the techno mainstream.

It’s not clear to me if Twitter – or any similar application – will hit regular folks in the same way only Myspace really has done so far with Facebook as a distant second in total social networking. Myspace’s popularity stands in stark contrast to the way it is largely disparaged in much of the hardcore tech community where people will use Twitter and LinkedIn and to some extent Facebook, but would probably laugh out loud at somebody who asked them to check out their Myspace page.

New Year’s Resolution: DON’T PANIC!

OK, after struggling for, literally, many moments to come up with a good new year’s resolution I’ve found the right one for me to follow during our year of 2008 10,000+ MPH ride through the cosmos. 

Don’t Panic!

I don’t just think this is good advice for me, it’s good advice for everybody.   The world is a very complex, interconnected place and I’m increasingly inclined to think that over-reaction  has fueled more problems than more passive responses.  

I’m not advocating for total passiveness of course – more I’m suggesting that we should “shelve” the complicated and expensive problems we probably cannot solve, instead devoting the blood and treasure to those we can solve.   We should be proactive tackling the low-hanging-fruit problems that are cheap and easy – these are third world infrastructure, global health, some aspects of global poverty, and increasingly our tolerance to risk here in the developing world.    This last one is very much part of the don’t panic mantra.   Most people worry *so much* about very unlikely scenarios that they allocate our collective resources very ineffectively (by supporting overregulation, higher taxes, lawsuits, etc).    For example we should tolerate much greater risk in terms of air travel (where only a handful of people die each year) in order to get better seatbelt use, which would save thousands every year.    Concerns over pesticides in our vegetables are absurdly overblown by people who don’t understand science, while we largely ignore very significant health issues like Malaria and Rotoviral disease that kill millions each year.  Even if you only consider US risks, we worry about the wrong things (preventable hurricane deaths caused by global warming = 0.0 annually)  rather than the truly dangerous yet partly preventable things (automobiles and gun deaths = 50,000+ annually )    

More about this later, but I say Happy New Year and ….