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Who are your 150?

An increasing body of research is suggesting the humans have evolved for a group size of about 150.   Known as “Dunbar’s Number”, the idea is that in groups larger than this size our efficiency breaks down.    I think the working … Continue reading

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Yu Yuan Gardens, Shanghai

Yu Yuan Gardens, Shanghai Originally uploaded by JoeDuck Shanghai’s Yu Yuan Gardens were one of my favorite China attractions. The surrounding area is filled with shops, restaurants, and is very crowded but the Gardens were quiet and very beautiful. Unlike … Continue reading

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Corporation as psychopathic? Nonsense!

RealClimate offers some great science and discussion but also reveals a lot of the unvarnished bias you get when true believers discard reason for hyperbole and nonsense.  (thx to JCH for this caveat about caution when confusing a blog with the comments). This little nugget emerged from … Continue reading

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Google on SEO

Search Engine Optimization is at the same time a simple concept (help the search engines find and rank your pages) and a very complex one (proper use of redirection when changing domain names, Google downranking, duplicate content and hundreds more topics that … Continue reading

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