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IEEE Magazine on the Singularity

Get ready for a *lot* more talk about the technological singularity. IEEE Magazine has several articles this month about what many believe will be the most profound change in the history of humans: http://www.spectrum.ieee.org/singularity Update: See, what did I tell … Continue reading

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Disney and World Peace

Millions of kids in America and around the world are big Disney fans.   So am I. In fact I think that Disney may be doing more than *any other entity* to bring harmony and peace to the diverse and complex … Continue reading

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Yahoo adds an 8 billion dollar insult to the Microsoft Merger Madness

Yahoo’s not just turning down an internet king’s ransom for a Microsoft merger, but they even rejected a partial buyout from Microsoft that would have given them 35 per share for several of MY SHARES and also woud have added … Continue reading

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Meteors and You

Thanks to Glenn for this story suggesting a new study making a possible connection between early life and meteors.   I’ve always been comfortable with the idea that life as we know it could emerge in slow and steady steps from … Continue reading

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