Internet News Flash: STOP forwarding all those emails with “humor” or “wisdom” to your friends. They are talking about how you do this, and it’s not flattering.

OK, this just in from my Holiday Bad Mood Department:

STOP forwarding all those emails with “humor” or “wisdom” or stupid pictures to your friends!     Instead, send them a REAL note with REAL information.   No, they do NOT want all that other crap, OK?!

Exceptions:  1.   You have added at least ONE original paragraph (heck, even TWO sentences is OK with me!) explaining why you think others might find this of interest.   I’m cool with that.   It means you are not just abusing the ease with which you can forward on stuff you find marginally interesting that others rarealy want to wade through.

2.  My pal Tommo, who only does this about once every two or three months.   I know he’s filtering because he sends so few.

3.  OK to write a short note and link up stuff at Facebook or Twitter.   That’s easier than email to bypass, does not clog up the internet with cat pictures you sent to the 50 unlucky people still on your email list, and it forces YOU to  pay at least marginal attention.

OK, I know it’s annoying to shout online as I have in the title above, but I simply don’t understand why people seem to think that the little tidbits of wisdom – aka spammy junk – they happen to find to be funny or inspiring is  going to be inspiring to me as well.

Generally it’s NOT, and I don’t think I can think of a single exception where folks say “wow, I’m so glad I’m on —– ‘s   email list, that stuff is always so inspiring to me.     I’m sure there are exceptions to this, but I’d urge anybody who actually reads all the forwarded junk they get to *get a fricking life, and FAST*.

[/ end rant]

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