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Warren Buffett gives away almost all he has to charity. Bravo!

Warren Buffett will give almost all of his fortune – one of the greatest in history – to charity.  Most most will go to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to accelerate its fantastic efforts towards global health and education. … Continue reading

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My Job

People, including my wife, often ask what I do for a living.   Somehow "Internet Entrepreneur", "web guy" fall short and today I realized that my job is to "Get it".   If I succeed, and I "get it" I can … Continue reading

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Google Sitemaps. My good news and my bad news.

Elite SEO Dave Naylor was complaining a bit about Google Sitemaps and I've also been unconvinced that sitemaps really does help straighten out ranking confusion.   According to Google Sitemaps my old-and-in-need-of-great-repair Airport Directory has some incredibly impressive sitemaps stats  … Continue reading

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Yahoo 2.0 Trumps Google 2.0 …. again.

As Jeremy has noted, microformats are slowly but profoundly moving the web to the open, data rich, info cornucopia we’ve all been dreaming about. Yahoo is clearly the leader as “Web 2.0 Stylist” and one wonders if Google is going … Continue reading

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Airline flight update frustrations..

I praised Kayak's flight selection service a few posts back, but I'm finding they are listing flights that are not available even after what appear to be many hours of non-availability. However, this does appear to be an American Airlines … Continue reading

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Dr. Schneider! Just say NO to alarmism. Alarmism misdirects resources.

Later …. Wait, I think I'm being too hard on Schneider who later qualified the quote below to apply only to soundbite decisions when getting interviewed… ] He apparently did not mean it to be as broad and sweeping as … Continue reading

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Lomborg is too scientific for his own good?

After reading "The Skeptical Environmentalist" I was astonished at how effectively Lomborg challenged many of the ideas about the environment I'd been holding dear for so long. I was especially impressed by the case he makes for allocating resources based … Continue reading

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