My how the years fly by…

I think the most disconcerting thing as I age is how fast the time seems to go these days.     Time is an elusive enough thing as it is, I wish it wouldn’t fly by so fast, leaving me to wonder how I can suddenly find myself hanging out the middle ages wishing for the wisdom of age and the vigor of youth.

In fact I think if I had to make the case that we are not even physical beings, rather some form of data construct programmed to interact in complex ways with a mathematical reality, I’d point to how time seems to slip by so unnoticed, yet so ungracefully.
… can’t we just hurry up and make it so we can download our brains?

Webmaster World Las Vegas

WebmasterWorld is one of the two big conferences with really advanced SEO information and it starts Tuesday.

About 1000 people will gather in Las Vegas for info, conferencing, and interaction with Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and ASK folks. Many of the best internet marketing folks in the world are here, and it’s always a fun time.

I’m looking forward to it!