Pubcon – Opera Browser Keynote by Jon S. von Tetzchner

Jon S. von Tetzchner is giving the last talk today about the Opera Browser, which he co-founded. Opera is used by 39 million (based on this year’s downloads I think). 340 people working *only* on browsers. “We dream about browsers” and have been for 12 years.
Wiki on Opera

Seems to me that Opera is fairly quickly capturing the key growth market in browers which are those needed for mobile and gaming devices. They’ve got the DS and Wii launches shortly. Good going in this explosive niche!

Las Vegas Lions, IMAX, and Chinois at Caesar’s

Almost time to find something to do tonight after the ASK reception winds up at 6pm.  Sometime during the trip I want to go to the Chinese place “Chinois” at the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace recommended by Zeke at, arguably the best source for Las Vegas info anywhere. He says this might be the best place to eat in the whole city.

Last time here I missed the Lion habitat at MGM grand so I also want to head over there and then to LUXOR for an IMAX show. I’d thought I’d do a big show this time out but nothing looks worth the $50 – $100 price when there are tons of cheap and free attractions, as well as some of the best people watching in the world.

Pubcon – Mega site optimization session

Andrew from / Primedia. Motor Trend magazine. He’s got some case study info about their optimization efforts in the Auto space.

Website Evaluation.
CMS challenges. No”policing” to make sure writers were optimizing content. Structure problems. (missed some here). “Site was not SEO friendly at all”. As an authority in the space, changes in structure helped a lot. Could use the brand and could monetize immediately …

sorry…too much info to capture here..


Pubcon blog roundup

Here’s a list of sources of Pubcon information (aka the WebmasterWorld Conference) going on *right now* in Las Vegas. If you know of one not here please post it in the comments or email

Dan Zarrella

Grey Wolf

Pubcon Blog (not much there)

SEO Roundtable Excellent coverage – how can you type so FAST Barry??

Lee at TopRankBlog

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Yahoo Publisher Network

It’s lunch but they seem to have run out of … lunches. Hoping more are on the way?  [NOPE!   Though this is probably not Yahoo’s fault]

The Yahoo team is running a demo of YPN but the typing is barely visible here in the middle of the big room. They need a large font PowerPoint demo with just a handful of slides that clearly show the product, which I think is probably really good.

As a Yahoo shareholder I hope they refine this presentation. Hire Guy Kawasaki to evangelize! This conference room is now home to about 1000 key people who are *exactly* the type of first adopter folks Yahoo should be working their asses off to steal away from Adwords and Adsense. Don’t explain PPC to this group, tell them why Panama will be different/better than Google offerings!

If it’s NOT going to be better, than just work to get bought by Microsoft so shareholders like me, who think Yahoo should be the next big thing in PPC.

Holy crap – here’s the “Early Reservation Page URL!”. You are Yahoo for god’s sake – couldn’t you have used something like “”!

Pubcon – Feeds and Alternative Optimization session

Sorry but it’s impossible to keep up with all the news here at WebmasterWorld. For better coverage read Barry Schwartz SEO Roundtable who always does an amazing job covering the sessions here – looked like he had a team of bloggers helping this year.

Greg Jarboe

Amanda Watlington PhD blogger and second lifer

Todd Malicoat The SMM Toolbox

I’ve heard several talks by Todd and he’s one of the few SEOs I’ve met that combines excellent communication skills with a deep knowledge of the latest SEO concepts. Very nice guy as well.

Best of the Web: Greg Hartnett

recommends the study of *networks* via books Nexus and … which discuss the mechanics of what Malcolm Gladwell calls the “Tipping Point”. Recommends using user communities like Flickr to drive interested users to your site. Join groups

Google Video – his son’s little “hocky fight” humorous clip of 1 minute downloaded almost a *million* times.   (But how much traffic to his URL?)

RE: Digg info he recommends:
Pronett Advertising

Webmaster World Pubcon – Digg’s Owen Byrne, Niall K, Feedburner, Topix

Here at Webmaster World Pubcon in Las Vegas:

Gred Niland introduced the feedmaster formerly of Technorati and Microsoft –
Niall Kennedy who discussed some technical aspects.

Rick from Feedburner:

Feedburner sends 25 million feeds per day and this is just the beginning. With IE7 RSS feed reader integrated, RSS will explode to mainstream [yes! a critical point!]. Auto discovery must be well-configured.

Feed publishing is diversifying. More podcasters than radio stations.

MEME sites like are processing the RSS more deeply, looking at linking relationships. Add links if you want to be ‘seen’ at Techmeme. Edgeio as another example of RSS facilitating info movement. Sphere.

Owen Byrne – Digg co-founder: We were not the Guy Kawasaki “sweet spot” startup of Standford PhD students jumping the curve, rather Kevin Rose Screensavers hackin’ dude and Owen webmaster from Nova Scotia.

Owen question: How are people using Digg for marketing? Owen: “Digg this buttons”, “good content” is the best way to get on front page. Also, participating in the community will help.

Kevin’s inspirations: Wisdom of crowds – user driven news. Could not break into Slashdot – frustrating.

Paris Hilton Cell phone scandal spiked Digg into the big time Feb 2005. Major optimization ensued. July 2005 – seed money. July 2006 -more capitalization?

500k ACTIVE contributing users. 20 million monthly uniques(!). [Wow, that’s sure higher than other reports, but Owen’s got the logs so I doubt he’d mislead on this. I had a chance to ask him about this after and he’s very confident (obviously) of the number. I also asked why Comscore’s numbers diverge so greatly from Digg’s but promised I wouldn’t quote his answer – sorry.

Owen’s Bio over at Digg

My (Joe’s)  personal view of Comscore is that they are starting to suffer greatly from measuring things like RSS and gadget activity. We are certainly close to needed new metrics to take gadgets, pops, and scripting activity into account as well as what Scoble calls “engagement”, which is hard to measure but an important notion of how users react to websites.

Rick at – local is the last mile on the internet. Connecting local to the big corporate sites and companies is where a lot of money is going. RSS feeds are 1/3 of clicks through the service. 20 million story clicks to sites per month. USE Rss to increase distribution. Add comments.

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