Landing in Las Vegas

Despite the Medford to SFO delay that kicked me to the next SFO to LAS flight, here I am in Las Vegas having arrived about 3 hours later than planned. The Best Western Mardi Gras is turning out to be a super value – I paid about 45 per night for a room that’s huge and clean with a big kitchen. The hotel is one of the closest to the Convention Center which I’ll be able to walk to in about 10 minutes and, most importantly, there’s free WIFI that was not even advertised as an amenity. I should put together a WIFI guide to Las Vegas. I think the major strip hotels charge a lot. Last year at the Hilton I think WIFI was an extra 9.95 per day where the Imperial Palace, if I remember right, has a one time 9.95 fee regardless of length of stay.

Tomorrow WebmasterWorld 2006 begins with a Guy Kawasaki Keynote.

Better late than … Orbitz ?

Note to Orbitz: If the plane is on the ground and 2 hours away you can be pretty sure it won’t make it on time.

My Orbitz “plane is late” note came in about 8 minutes ago – approximately 15 minutes after scheduled departure but approximately 2 hours *after* somebody could have been certain the plane would be at least 2 hours late since it’s leaving from SFO and has not left yet. I don’t like to complain a lot about this type of thing, feeling it falls under my “Tell it to the Donner Party” category, but I am looking forward to a world where I could get the ‘late flight’ note within minutes of the time when it is certain that the flight will be late.

Medford Airport WIFI

Sure is nice to have the WIFI going here at Medford Airport since my plane just got delayed by over 2 hours.   I’ll need to redo the SFO to LAS connection but hopefully there are many flights and I was getting in pretty early anyway.   Connectivity is somewhat flaky – not sure why but it’s been problematic all along, but it’s still good to have it and get a bit of work (or chess!) done while I sit here.