Time for computer glasses?

I didn’t realize how specialized glasses had become.   There are computer glasses for people who spend a lot of time at the computer, which appear to be a form of progressive bifocal like the ones I have now.   The anti reflective coating on these ise delaminating and it’s driving me nuts but I have not had time to take them in.   I didn’t realize what it was at first, thinking it was paint or some other residue stuck on the lens.   But it’s a coating that is degenerating, causing fuzzy spots on the lens.

I think it’s time to try the computer lenses since I’m at the box 8 or so hours per day.

Time on Risks

Today there is a great article in the online edition of Time magazine about how irrationally we process risks in our daily lives.   I just wish they’d also point out that the extension of this mathematical ignorance, combined with religious intolerance, can account for most if not virtually all of the most pressing global problems.

We are stupid beings.   The recognition of that fact brings us much closer to a measure of salvation and solutions.

World Peace through Blog Evangelism

Hey Matt, I think I’m becoming a WordPress Blog Evangelist.   I’m telling everybody with anything to say to get a WP blog going ASAP.   Oddly (or not?) they all want their hand held while setting it up rather than just logging on and following the excellent directions and support here (there?) at WordPress.

The good news is that while blogging in many technology sectors  is going strong now, in travel (in fact in almost all of the non-tech sectors) I think blogging has not even reached that powerful upward inflection point.

Thus my dream of creating a huge, unstructured global travel blogging network is still attainable.    In fact wouldn’t it be neat if people started getting specific travel advice from local bloggers who they’d then take out to dinner to say “thanks!”.    Friendships would blossom, tourism would bring prosperity to every corner of the globe, and we’d have world peace through blogging.     (insert violin holiday music here)

Holiday discussion follow ups

One of my favorite things about the holidays is hearing from people about things they believe/don’t believe/feel strongly about/don’t care about, etc. It’s also fun to follow up online. I think many people who “live” online don’t realize how few people properly use the internet to find even basic information. This is changing, but slowly.

I’ve really been pleased with Wikipedia lately, which I often find to be more than enough information to satisfy my curiousity about even fairly complex topics. It came in very handy on all these topics discussed over the past few days in Minnesota as we geared up for the Turkey overdose:

Splenda is almost certainly very safe while Stevia, an alternative sweetener, is largely untested. So why do some people choose the unknown over the known, taking more risk but thinking they are taking less? They be silly sweeties.

Sunburn through glass is a surprisingly complex topic. In general it seems glass offers little UV-A protection (cancer and skin damage warning) but does protect against a lot of the UV-B which causes the burning. Moral: Avoid exposure with or without glass.

Israel and Palestine Frankly, the more I study this the more confusing it becomes. I was optimistic a few years ago as two-state plans started to blossom, but now think peace of the type we enjoy here in Uncle Sam’s Land may be unattainable. I see these key problem points for at least another generation: 1) Israel: right to exist 2) Palestinians: right to return 3) Borders for Palestine and Israel.

Richard Dawkins and Atheism His style and approach seems odd to me – more combative than strategic if Dawkins’ goal is to do more than *preach* to the atheists in the choir.
I just want to know if the conscious computers that come about around 2020 are going to believe in God or not. I’ll accept their conclusion.

…. later, circa 2020 …

42 ! ?