WordPress blog = open ID. Brilliant!

Matt M, Simon, and the WordPress gang strike again with a simple yet extremely intuitive and useful solution to OpenID challenges. They are allowing WP blogs to pass ID info to other applications. For the WordPress gang I guess it’s just another day at the office but this really is a great development that will help a lot of folks who don’t want to hear about standards and technical issues and just want a simple solution to online ID issues. Other applications are doing this as well, which will make the OpenID transition a lot easier.

This seems so simple compared to the recent developments with Yahoo’s BBAuth and other OpenID approaches – I think these have focused heavily on ways for developers to build on, for example,Yahoo’s ID and bring it into applications. Good, but better to first establish a bunch of simple OpenID implementations for people’s Google, Yahoo, blog info.

I would like Yahoo to just establish a simple system like WP has that allows me to authorize Yahoo to release my Yahoo info to others as I’m doing with the WP solution. (did they do this and I missed it?).

I think we may all be surprised how registrations have been more of a barrier to entry than it would seem they should be by just requiring a few minutes of sign up. It’s a brave new world of short attention spans and attention deficits and as OpenID becomes ubiquitous and easy we can roam the wild online range even more quickly and superficially than before.

OpenID info at Word Press