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Thinking about the IBM Blue Brain Project … thinking …

The IBM Blue Brain project is working to model a human brain using computers. They expect to have a neocortical column, which they think is likely the key building block for conscious thought, modelled by 2008. If they succeed the … Continue reading

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Spam hyped stock study indicates they did go up in value. SEC suspends trading on 35 “spam hyped” stocks for 10 days.

The SEC has suspended trading in stocks that were hyped by spam campaigns. Incredibly the spam campaigns appear to have lifted the prices on some of these companies as indicated by the SEC study:http://www.sec.gov/news/press/2007/2007-34.htm On Friday, Dec. 15, 2006, shares … Continue reading

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Goats in Argan tree – Morrocco

goats in argan tree Originally uploaded by Lottelies. Incredibly, the Goats in a Tree stuff is not a hoax. Goats graze in these Argan trees in Morocco, and you can see several pictures of them at Flickr.

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Global community spirit

Over at Techmeme I’m struck by three stories that nicely showcase the importance of *community* to dot commers and to the expanding online universe. The most interesting is that Yahoo Answers is going social, offering social networking as part of … Continue reading

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