Mediterranean and Asian Recipes

I just found this *great* website devoted to the type of diets that are now considered best for optimal health. Like most of my fellow Americans I’m a high fat lovin’ meat and potatoes, burger and fries and please pass the extra large coca cola kind of guy. But that better change since I really don’t want to have a heart attack until *after* the singularity when Ray Kurzweil assures me I’ll be good to go on without a heart.

So, check out this great recipe site, cook up some garlic coated mushrooms and join me in a red wine toast to better living and eating:

Dr. Weil on Eating Well. The Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load

Dr Weil is on PBS talking about food. I’m pseudo-live blogging the talk in a haphazard sort of way.    Andrew Weil is a leading proponent of combining “mainstream” science with natural foods and lifestyle changes to improve health and well-being.

He’s explaining why a puffy rice cake will raise your blood sugar *much faster* than table sugar, and noting that eating “high glycemic load” carbs like rice cakes regularly can lead to obesity and other health challenges like high blood pressure.

Generally, he says we should be looking to eat low glycemic loads stuff like beans, winter squashes, sweet potatoes.

Cooking oil? Like Kurzweil, Weil recommends “extra virgin Olive Oil” and says to stay away from my personal favorite, sesame oil among others.

Eat: Oily fish to get Omega 3 Fatty Acides. Also in walnuts, hemp!! seeds, flax seeds, sea vegetables.

Fat: Avoid it even though the ‘mouth feel’ is pleasureable. Nuts, avocadoes, olive oil are OK fats – these are monosaturated. Optimal levels of fat are far below the current average consumption of fat.

Protein: The need for this is exaggerated in our culture where protein deficiency is almost non-existent. Animal proteins are not as good due to density, saturated fats, and toxins.

Try to get your proteins from plant produce

Main source of vitamins? Fruits and vegetables! Eat a great variety. Eat fresh. Lots of fiber. Eat a LOT more fiber than you have been!

Phytonutrients are good!

Green Tea, White Tea, Dark Chocolate, Red Wine have health benefits.

Beware food marketing that encourages eating the nutrient rather than the vegetable that has the nutrient. e.g. broccoli and tomatoes.

Talent Oregon Real Estate

Wow, Talent is for sale these days as hundreds of houses go onto the market at prices that appear to be coming down, down and I predict down more now that the winter doldrums are approaching.    Under normal real estate circumstances people would be pulling houses off the market now, but the sub prime mortgage fiascos have put a lot of folks in the terrible position of “having” to sell their house or lose it.    I’m not clear when we’ll hit the bottom but I think this winter will be a great time to buy and a bad one to sell.

I’ve got two friends now working the Talent Oregon Real Estate market.   Dave doesn’t have a site up yet but Jack’s Talent Oregon Real Estate website is  a good resource for some local information and houses.  Jack also covers Ashland Oregon, Jacksonville Oregon, and Medford Oregon Real Estate. However best to email or call him directly for the latest information since the market is changing rapidly around here.