Pipo Nguyen-duy

Pipo Nguyen-duy is one of my table tennis pals, but Pipo is also a great photographer who teaches art at Oberlin in Ohio.   Like many new sites,  Pipo‘s website is not appearing first as it should for the query “Pipo Nguyen-duy”.   Other sites that *reference* Pipo’s art appear before his because Google’s algorithm still faces challenges when it tries to determine the best site for the query, which in this case clearly should be his own website.

Here the SEO problem likely relates to the ranking weakness of a new site vs. an old one,  plus the fact Google cannot easily “know” that the site  pipo nguyen-duy.com is actually the official site for the name Pipo Nguyen-duy.   There’s also a title tag change needed over at the website, but this post should start fixing the problem by providing some authoritative links to Pipo Nguyen-duy ‘s real website using anchor text that matches the query we are targeting and a lot of text rich in the query term.    This technique is known as “white hat SEO” because it’s “helping Google” properly index and get the right site ranked for the query.    Generally Google approves of this type of SEO tactic if they see it as something that makes indexing work better and does not deceive users.

Singularity Talks Online

Several talks from the recent Singularity conference are now online and linked up at the Singularity Institute website.    I just read the transcript of Google’s Peter Norvig who seemed cautious but optimistic. 

Norvig is clearly one of the key insiders working in one of the places where a general AI could possibly crop up even without human intervention, though I got the idea Norvig felt that was not likely anytime soon.    I was disappointed he didn’t elaborate on what Marissa Mayer mentioned to me last month after her keynote at the Search Strategies conference – the idea that search results for some queries are increasingly looking more and more like the product of human-like intelligence.    I should note that Mayer did not seem to think this was a sign of impending general AI from the Googleplex – she just thought it was a very interesting development.