Hubble Ultra Deep Field

If you want to get lost in the most incredible picture ever taken, or just if you catch yourself feeling too significant, head over to the Hubble website’s zoomable Ultra Deep Field photo.   Pull in a few of the approximately 10,000 galaxies in this view for closer inspection, realizing our own entire Milky way galaxy with its approximately 100 billion stars would be but one of these.  Then try to wrap your head around the fact (and be sure to realize that we are talking about pure scientific fact here) that the deep field is only showing us a portion of our own night sky that is about one *tenth* the diameter of the moon.    A full accounting of all the galaxies in the universe might yield *hundreds of billions” of galaxies although the estimates of the number of galaxies seem to vary wildly.    I don’t understand this because it seems we could extrapolate from the Hubble untra deep field’s view a pretty good number for the total assuming a roughly even distribution of galaxies throughout the universe.

As feeble minded humans I don’t think we can even come close to appreciating the significance of the Hubble pictures or the numbers.  

My personal guess is that there are already many intelligences in this vast universe that can comprehend the cosmos in a meaningful way, and that we have a shot at that kind of intelligence eventually when we find ways to enhance our intellect with computerized intelligence.   

Here is a wonderfully written article by Anthony Doerr on this topic

Las Vegas Top Ten Suites

The Travel Channel is profiling the top ten suites in Las Vegas: 

10. Penthouse Suite, Las Vegas MGM Grand.  At about $3000 per night offers 19 phones, an elevator to the second floor, and a spectacular view. 

9. Palms Hotel, Las Vegas.   Adrienne Suite, the “Coolest Suite” in town according to the Travel Channel.  For $1500 per night you get a view of the mountains and city and a hotel address at one of the newest and coolest of the Las Vegas hotspots.

8. Sahara Hotel Casino.  Ambassador Suite.  This “Best Retro Suite offers a 1950’s style look and lots of old vegas glamor and history.

7. Turnberry Place.   This “best alternative” to hotel suites is a rich and famous living hotspot.  They showcase the 5.25 million dollar Suite, home to a wealthy client and will soon be home to many more Las Vegas luminaries and rich folks.  

6. Elvis and Priscilla Suite at the Viva Las Vegas Hotel.   This place does not look like my idea of a honeymoon place, but at $175 you even get neon lights and a Pink Cadillac bed.

5. Paris Las Vegas, Napoleon Suite.    Over 4300 Square feet of opulence, primarily used by high rollers who often come in via private jet.   Normally celebrities don’t stay here.

4. Mandalay Bay Four Seasons’ 180 Degree Suite is the ‘Best Escape” Suite.  $2500 per night.   A $10,000 hand carved bed is uniquie to the suite as is styling that is not typical Las Vegas.  The Four Seasons goal is to remove you from  Enjoy iced grapes at the pool where even the towels are chilled.

3.  Las Vegas Hilton.  Verona Suite.   15,000 Square feet of neo-renaissance opulence abounds in the Verona Suite that is generally for high rollers but unlike many of the other suites the Verona is on the market at $17,500  per night.    25 TV’s and big showers make this Las Vegas’ most expensive suite in terms of building costs according to the Las Vegas Hilton.

2. Venetian Hotel.    The Presidential Suite at the Venetian.  Sheldon Adelson is the Owner of the Venetian and says he likes to offer the Presidential to very high rollers – those who are gambling for 6-8 million per night and $150,000 per … .hand.  Usually playing baccarat.   Enjoy a Guggenheim Art Museum right in the hotel.

1. Bellagio Hotel.   Villa One Suite.  With entry through a private secret tunnel the Bellagio Villa One is a two bedroom, $6,000 per night masterpiece (unless you are a high roller in which case you’ll be paying nothing for the suite, but a lot more over time for the privileges).    Staff pampers guests in a private dining room, private gym, and more.  There are several villas at the Bellagio and each  has a secret garden.  The villas have 130 staff to help make the Bellagio’s Villa One the top suite in the Travel Channel’s roundup and the “most stylish suite” in Las Vegas.

The Bellagio, a 1.6 billion dollar hotel  is only one of 58 five diamond hotels in the world.

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