Yahoo rewriting URLs to improve indexing

Yahoo just rolled out new search results so it’s a good idea to check your rankings after these settle in.    Over the past few years Yahoo has (too quietly) been improving their search results which now, arguably, rival those of Google.     Word on the grey hat SEO street however still contends that Yahoo and MSN are much easier to spam than Google.    I think I’ll run yesterday’s “Las CrucesSERP test at Yahoo and see how those results compare to Google’s, especially given the new Yahoo efforts.

A feature Yahoo announced recently is they new dynamic URL rewriting which should improve indexing – sometimes dramatically – for sites with a lot of dynamic pages or content.

Halo 3 and the statue of the 3 lies

Speaking of Boston MA as I (ummm … sort of) did yesterday, MIT students have pulled a great prank on Harvard by decorating the famous statue in Harvard Yard as a Halo 3 fighter.

The “John Harvard” statue may now get nicknamed “Statue of the FOUR mistakes”. Ironically the statue has three big mistakes as it sits in the hallowed yard of Harvard University, that bastion of intellectual achievement.

Also called sometimes “The statue of the three lies”, the mistakes are:

The statue isn’t really John Harvard. It was commissioned after his death and he had no known portraits so a student sat for the artist.

John Harvard was not the founder of Harvard. It’s named after him, founded by Mass. legislature.

Statue has the wrong date for the founding of Harvard. 1636 is correct, statue shows 1638.