Gas Pumping Robot

Hey there’s a new robot in town (well, if you live in the Netherlands that is) and it’s pumping your gas:

Here’s a Youtube Video of “TankPitStop” in action:

The moral of the story is that we will be replaced by robots and computers, and this is all a good thing. 

Web 2.0 Conference

WebGuild of Silicon Valley sponsored a great one day conference last week.   I missed the event but here are some pictures  courtesy of Reshma Kumar and Daya Baran, the Vice President and President of WebGuild who have really done an extraordinary job making that group one of the premier internet insider gatherings in the world.

This year Craig Newmark from Craigslist gave one of the keynotes.    He’s one of the most interesting folks in the internet landscape and it would really have been fun to hear his talk.      For me, the huge success of Craigslist, combined with the simple and spartan look and structure, supports the idea that the internet at a core level is about *people and information* more than anything else.