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TechMeme, Twitter, and Pownce

For some time my working hypothesis about new niche tech sites is that they appear to have explosive early growth followed by traffic stability or only slight traffic increases as all the early adopter tech enthusiasts sign on, and other … Continue reading

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Rumors of Google and Plaxo and the McCarthy Conspiracy

Megan McCarthy reports at Wired today that Google may be picking up Plaxo for 200 million.    A few hours later Caroline McCarthy at CNET shoots down the rumor saying it appears unfounded. Wazzup with all these McCarthys?    Are they … Continue reading

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Yahoo Live … dies

Update:  Chad replies in comments below from the Yahoo Live team and I certainly agree that the rumors of the death of of Live were greatly exaggerated.   Yahoo strikes again with what looked like a neat application – live streaming video for everybody – but … Continue reading

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Evolution of technology logos

Neatorama has a great article on the changing faces of some very familiar corporate logos.      I think I like some of the old ones better!    Kwanon Cameras?!

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Google News goes local

Google has launched a local news service that scans local news items for context and then lists them according to relevance to your city or zip code query at Google News.   Testing this today on a few Oregon cities I’ve … Continue reading

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