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The Price of Danger: $500,000,000

Microsoft just picked up Danger, inventor of the Sidekick mobile device and overall very clever mobile company founded by Andy Rubin who is now working for Google on Android and Open Handset Alliance stuff. Om Malik is quoting the price as … Continue reading

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Yahoo Executives – kudos for true believing, but sell the place anyway!

A lot of folks have been very hard on the Yahoo board and Jerry Yang in particular for fighting the Microsoft takeover bid, but it should be noted that almost more than anybody these folks are playing with their own … Continue reading

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Yahoo + Microsoft? Heck yes says Legg Mason, with 6% of Yahoo

Larry Dignan is reporting that major Yahoo Shareholder Legg Mason is insisting that Yahoo make a Microsoft deal, though they hope and may expect MS to up the offer past 31 and up to 40, which Fund manager Miller stated appears to have … Continue reading

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