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Anonymity is so … 1999

Hoping to start some discussion here about the role (if any!) for anonymity in online environments, especially when people are pitching sales or services.     I’m starting to think I’m pretty much opposed to anonymous stuff in almost all … Continue reading

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Challenging Climate Change? You WILL be BURNED at the STAKE! (after we purchase $14 in carbon credits, available online from www ….)

Although I’m very critical of alarmism in Climate Change community it’s important to understand I agree about the following: There is a Global Warming trend. The bad consequences of the warming will far outweigh the good ones. Humans are very … Continue reading

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National Debt? What National Debt?

If you’ve been watching the national news much lately you’ll wonder what ever happened to all the concern about the national debt and the massive budget deficits planned for the next decade.   On the up side however you will … Continue reading

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Fossett Crash Likely Caused by Downdrafts

The NTSB National Transportation Safety Board has ruled the Steve Fossett crash was likely caused by downdrafts  in the California area where he was lost some two years ago after starting a trip from a  Nevada airfield.

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Trevor R vs Elie Z in All Star Final at Hardbat Classic

The All Star final of the Bud Light Hardbat Classic determined who among 8 high level invited players would compete against winners in the Rated Players, Basement Players, and Bar Player divisions.   This was probably one of the most … Continue reading

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Mark Cuban: Companies that Live by Free Stuff will Die by Free Stuff

The always clever, almost always insightful, and sometimes good dancer Mark Cuban has a great post today about “Freemium” companies.   Cuban suggests: Its not that they can’t make money offering free. They can , have and will. The problem … Continue reading

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The Illusion of Relevance

I’m not a big fan of the human intellect.      In fact I think one of the most obvious points in science – too rarely addressed – is how inadequately evolution has prepared us for the challenges of modern … Continue reading

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