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Powerball? Think again.

Here’s a great summary of the expected return on a Powerball ticket *even when a big jackpot is in play*. I have not checked the math but assume he’s done his homework to note that it’s not a good idea … Continue reading

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Global community spirit

Over at Techmeme I’m struck by three stories that nicely showcase the importance of *community* to dot commers and to the expanding online universe. The most interesting is that Yahoo Answers is going social, offering social networking as part of … Continue reading

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Ringtone Scams are about 99% of that business … so beware!

I  *hate* the ringtones business because it represents so much of what is wrong with the internet and wrong with people.   Here’s one post about some of the millions of problems that plague the Ringtones Scam industry – a very … Continue reading

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Video Games 101

I asked my son to write a Video Games primer so I, and others, would have an idea about all the variations in gaming systems.    He did a good job and so I’m linking it up here.

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Apple announces the new iPhone. Stock soars, tech peeps rave.

Apple’s news today is shaking MacWorld and the Tech world.  They’ve got an iPhone, and it’s looking nothing short of spectacular. In contrast Microsoft’s “big news” today was more pitiful than interesting: “Zune will have video games by July 2008”  … Continue reading

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Elfyourself – have yourself a virally marketed Christmas

Know any coffee and art lovers?   Give them The Coffee Calendar  __________________________________________________ Viral marketing approaches (not to be confused with computer viruses) take clever little online ideas and try to make them spread by online “word of mouth” which usually means … Continue reading

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Playstation III performance problems?

Recent reports indicate that the Playstation III may not be ready for prime time.  At a Tokyo game show testers revealed that game play was sometimes erratic with reboots needed.  SONY stock dropped on this news. For parents having trouble … Continue reading

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