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Stop calling me a climate skeptic just because I don’t believe in alarmism!

*scroll DOWN to skip to the summary* I’m REALLY getting tired of so many friends and family calling me a global warming skeptic because 1. I am NOT a global warming skeptic and 2.  It distracts from the important debate … Continue reading

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Thank you Nathan Myhrvold!

I’ve detailed some of my misadventures at Real Climate.org, the sometimes insightful but usually activism-masquerading-as science water cooler for folks who buy the notion that human-caused global warming (aka “AGW”) is on a rampage that is increasingly likely to end … Continue reading

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Guardian UK Climate Changers

In January the Guardian UK listed fifty people who can help save the planet.   I was very encouraged to see Bjorn Lomborg on this list as he’s one of the few well informed and rational voices in the global warming debate.   … Continue reading

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