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V for Vendetta – Villifies Veracity Vindictively

Really enjoyed the film "V for Vendetta", made by the Matrix's Wachovski brothers.  Natalie Portman and John Hurt are great in a complex and grim futuristic drama that's very original but a bit like mixing Phantom of the Opera with … Continue reading

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$10,000 for everybody every year — vs —- Entitlement programs we have now

How would you like it if, after you turned 21, the federal government cut you a check for $10,000, every year, for the rest of your life?  Murray's idea is Provocative.

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Web 2.0 as the “generous” internet

Over at O'Reilly's blog there is an excellent discussion about the nature of biz in a Web 2.0 world (why does the term Web 2.0 BOTHER so many people?  Get over it!) Doc Searls seems to suggest that old style biz … Continue reading

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