The Dovecote

I’m enjoying the great hospitality of my old friend Tom and wife Diane here in their cozy house in Concord, just around the river bend from the Old North Bridge. It’s called “The Dovecote” and was Louisa’s model for one of the sister’s houses in “Little Women”.

Benjamin Hosmer, a minuteman at the first battle of the American Revolution, lived in this house in 1775. The Alcotts were here some 50 years later. Louisa Alcott’s first poem was written here. Among the greatest thinkers of their time, Emerson, Thoreau, and Bronson Alcott very likely met on occasion here to discuss their progressive vision of the new American experience and ideas about social life, nature, and philosophy called the “trancendental movement”

Webmaster World Boston

The session of the Webmasterworld conference wrapped up today with PubCon tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow I'll try to post pix and summaries of my two favorite sessions which were Jeremy, Matt, and Robert about blogging and the site reviews by Matt, Tim, Bruce, and Tom where I have a very detailed summary of all sites reviewed and much of the advice given. Yahoo also threw a very nice party at a local club called "Saint" which was so stylish with the simple "St" on the door I walked right past and had to ask directions.

Overall the "big news" to me is that there is not a lot of new complexity to the SEO scene – in fact it's clearer than ever that site quality is the best metric for how you'll do in the rankings. Things seem to be moving away from organic optimization and to PPC optimizing.