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Searching for Myspace with John Battelle

John Battelle is the web's best "search watcher" and he's posted a great summary of recent events in search HERE at Searchblog. I would note though that he does not address the significance and growth velocity of the Myspace phenomenon, … Continue reading

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Newsweek: Web 2.0 = The Live Web

I enjoyed Newsweek's article about Web 2.0, which they preferred to call "The Live Web". It was fun to see several of the companies and people I've encountered recently mentioned in the article. Mary Hodder from MashupCamp was pictured and … Continue reading

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600 Billion down your own human drain

CNN interviewed the author of a book that suggests the pharmaceutical industry is out of control, beyond the reach of reasonable regulation, and suggested some "Trust busting" a la Teddy Roosevelt may be needed. The interesting stat was that 600 … Continue reading

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Laziness and self interest as the means of production?

One of the most common and legitimate criticisms of both  public and private sector enterprises is that they are run in ways that serve narrow, often selfish interests rather than the broad public good.   In the private sector this … Continue reading

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