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Home Again Pet ID System? You call this appropriate technology?

Is it just me or is this due for the idiot invention of the year award? HomeAgain® is an advanced pet identification and retrieval system. A microchip – the size of a grain of rice – with a unique identification … Continue reading

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Thank you for Smoking

This excellent film humorously examines the character and foibles of a likeable yet morally vacuous tobacco company spokesperson.   Rather than wrestling with the contradictions he faces raising a young son while strategizing for increased tobacco use, this character rationalizes … Continue reading

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People and/or/for/non Profit?

Time Magazine: Last month Gates-funded scientists announced that they had created the technology to manufacture artemisinic acid synthetically. Within five years, the cost of a lifesaving supply is expected to drop from $2.40 to 25 cents. Lead researcher Jay Keasling … Continue reading

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Darfur and the media

George Clooney deserves a lot of credit for bringing the media back on track about developments in what is arguably the world's most newsworthy and troubled place – Darfur, Sudan.    Unlike Rwanda the media has not ignored Darfur, but as … Continue reading

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