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Yahoo! Corporate Blog. Believe it or not, it’s cool.

I’m not usually a fan of corporate blogs because they usually suck in that sucky self-serving way, but based on a quick take the Yahoo blog, Yodel Anecdotal (I like it!) is going to be a light hearted view from and of … Continue reading

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Google Books = Good Google. Adding UC Books = Great!

What I really like about Tim O’Reilly is that he’s almost always …. right.   More importantly he does a fine job of seeing where things are going in our increasingly frantic and complex digital maelstrom. As a publisher Tim’s … Continue reading

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You call US military spending a bargain? I want my money back.

At a Pentagon news conference I’m watching on TV Don Rumsfeld is explaining to me that with only 3.8% of US Gross Domestic Product going towards military spending nobody should complain since this is lower than back in the good … Continue reading

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