Scoble’s almost back, and it’s going to be a good show!

Thanks to the clever chat tool by Chat Creator I just participated in an informal gathering that was helping Robert Scoble pick a name for his upcoming TV show. I wasn’t up on the details of the show until now. Looks like a kind of TechCruch TV with a lot of 2.0 sites, news, and people. Looking forward to it!

Blogging is great even if you don’t get indexed…

It’s hard for many people to understand why bloggers who only have a few readers enjoy blogging so much, but I suspect that most writers would understand that it’s fun to just jot things down regardless of the audience.   In fact I think I’m a better writer when I’m NOT writing for others, rather to clarify my own thinking or ideas or muddling confusions.

However, I’m noticing my usual readership of 75-150 appears WAY down, probably because Google is not indexing snippets of my posts as of a few days ago.  My first guess was some temporary confusion over WordPress blog indexing.  However, (and this is a cool thing about blogging) I’ve already got word from Robert Scoble over at his blog – the top wordpress blog – that he’s not seen this before.