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Hoot * * *

I would have given HOOT two stars but the family really enjoyed this silly movie about 3 young teens who commit various felonies to prevent the development of land harboring burrowing owls by evil pancake house developers.

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Head on – apply directly to your gullibility and wax your forehead.

Another homeopathic remedy rears it’s silly head with the product I’ve seen advertised so much on TV without any description of what it’s supposed to do.   Apparently that’s because it does .. nothing. Wikipedia: HeadOn is a homeopathic topical … Continue reading

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Prohibited items on flights

Time has a nice summary of the latest rules on prohibited items. Also see TSA’s Website for the latest guidelines.

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Yahoo! too much 2.0 can be a … confusing…. thing.

Awhile back I failed to make my point about Yahoo doing “too good” a job at 2.0 for their own good, but now I see they are back at it again.    Yahoo Photos looks like some really good stuff, and … Continue reading

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Cornell Teamwork Study – Teams can *stifle* innovation.

A study over at Cornell suggests that companies may be placing too much emphasis on “Teams”, and stifling the creativity that the researchers found was associated with individual efforts. “You may have to tolerate people who are kind of jerks“

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