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Thar’s gold bars in them thar spams?!

CNN:  AOL is preparing to dig for buried gold and platinum on property in Massachusetts owned by the parents of a man it sued for sending millions of unwanted spam e-mails … At the height of Hawke’s Internet activities, experts … Continue reading

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Hype Cycle 2006

Gartner’s Hype Cycle discusses predicted trends for the buzzy new stuff like Web 2.0, Mashups, and AJAX.

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Which Universe are you from again?

To me the most appealing and mind-bending aspect of string theory – now considered a fairly mainstream approach to a mechanistic understanding of the world – is Brane Cosmology, which suggests we may be “surrounded” by inhabitants of other parallel … Continue reading

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Reason Rules! Not.

Over at the House of J there’s some discussion about the irrationality of some security measures and about the AOL search results privacy scandal (which I also think is a questionably rational concern). I’ll put up my comments from over … Continue reading

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