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Shhhhh! Don’t tell all those Web 2.0 companies that there really is no Web 2.0!

Over at Matt’s Place he noted some of his favorite 2.0 companies and asked for suggestions. What really surprised me was the number of people over there (a very tech savvy crowd) who, like Bill Gates, oddly question the significance … Continue reading

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Microsoft ads will monetize Facebook Faces

Nice play by Microsoft to capture future users, though I’m still very intrigued that all these models can thrive by giving users a very modest number of tools to put themselves online, providing common space for people, and then keeping … Continue reading

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Hot Apple ? Apple Battery Recall. Hot Dell? Go to ….

Before that nice Apple laptop burns up you’ll want to go to the Apple Battery exchange program and see if you need a new battery. Dell also has a Dell Battery Exchange thing going and although I give them props … Continue reading

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