Missing at sea in Oregon

Today (Sunday) a fishing boat has sunk off the Oregon Coast and a few days ago a Catamaran washed ashore with nobody aboard. I’m looking for more detail now and I’m getting a bit paranoid as it seems Oregon is rapidly becoming the US capital of missing people.

The Coast Guard is asking that anyone who may have seen the Catamaran in transit from San Francisco please contact Coast Guard District 13 Command Center at (800) 982-8813.From Oregonlive:

On Rogue River, rescuers find boat owner’s survival suit
A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter and rescue boat renewed their search today for three crew members from a 43-foot fishing vessel that sank Saturday at the entrance of the Rogue River.

The commercial vessel’s crew, which included owner Robert James Ashdown, 44, of Port Orford sent a distress message about 3:40 p.m. Coast Guard Air Station North Bend picked up the signal and initiated an air and sea search.

A life raft, spotted near the river’s entrance by a crew member who apparently did not go out with the others Saturday, contained no members of the crew, said Shawn Eggert, a public affairs specialist with the Coast Guard’s District 13 public affairs office in Seattle. The life raft is in the custody of the Curry County Sheriff’s office, he said.

Debris from the boat, including some survival suits identified by Ashdown’s family as belonging to him, also were found.

The vessel capsized as it attempted to cross the Rogue River bar in Gold Beach, where it encountered extremely high waves and a strong surf, according to the Curry County sheriff’s office. Witnesses said the boat had just crossed the bar when it was slammed first by a wave that knocked it sideways and then by another, which turned the craft over.

The sheriff’s office said it was not yet releasing the names of the other two crew members.

[Note that about 70 miles upriver from the mouth of the Rogue River lies Big Windy Creek Canyon where James Kim died last week, only about a half mile from this same Rogue River.]

Time’s Person of the year … is YOU!

 Time Magazine 2006 Person of the Year

Time gets it right naming you, me, and everybody else in the exploding online community the person of the year.   The power of the community internet aka “Web 2.0” is the big story now and for many years to come as millions more flock online every week to surf, buy, blog, meet, marry, and much more.

Unlike the initial thrust that brought millions of ‘techno centric’ folks to the digital water coolers and watering holes of the early web the “new web” has almost no barriers to entry, a far more robust broadband infrastructure, a global reach, and will soon capture all but the most stubborn luddites.

Online community isn’t just big news, it’s great news.

Mountain Climbers lost in China

Update: There is bad news in this search – one body has been found on remote mountain slope in China: CNN Reports

It has now been identified as Charlie Fowler  Boskoff is still missing but it appears they presume she did not make it either.

Mountain Madness was the company founded by Scott Fisher who died on Mt Everest in the ill fated expedition chronicled in the book “Into Thin Air”.

CLICK HERE for the Fowler Boskoff blog that is collecting any relevant information about the missing climbers Fowler and Boskoff.

James Kim Search Discussion – Click here | Mount Hood Climber Search

CNN reports two elite US Mountain Climbers are lost in China, it appears after returning to a city after conquering one of the world’s tallest unclimbed peaks and perhaps heading off for new mountains.

For more information, check out:

Bill Gates and the Bloggers

James Kim Search Discussion – Click here | Mount Hood Climber Search

Some very high profile and clever folks in the blogging community got to head up to Microsoft HQ and meet with Bill Gates yesterday to discuss the future of the internet, especially ways to make the upcoming MIX07 conference relevant to the needs of those attending.

I missed meeting Gates at MIX06 earlier this year but I know several of the bloggers that were invited so I’ll have to settle for one degree of separation. I’m a huge fan of Bill Gates’ superb global health initiatives though not at all a fan of many of his “old style” ideas about computing and the internet. I think he, and MS at large, continues to view the internet as primarily a technological rather than a sociological development (clue: it’s 80% sociological, 19% technical and 1% electrical)

The reports are starting to come in:

Mike Arrington

Steve Rubel

Ryan Stewart

Niall Kennedy

Liz Gannes

Todd Bishop

David Boone search in Southern California

James Kim Search Discussion – Click here | Mount Hood Climbers – Click here

David Boone, missing hiker in California

Map – click here

A family organized search is today, Friday December 15. Details in comments section.
Here’s a blog post from a searcher

Official search was called off after one week. Authorities seem to feel he could not have survived this long.

Based on this and the few other posts I’ve done so far about missing people I think there is a lot more volunteer potential than most normal search and rescue operation even try to coordinate. That’s what we are up to with the DangerData.com blog which is coming soon.

Another discussion is over at City-Data.com (free login required).
Search for “Foothill Ranch” to find that thread – not much there as of Friday Dec 15.

David Boone appears to have become lost during a walk in the “Whiting Ranch” area of Foothill Ranch, CA where he hikes almost every day.

Map – click here.

Foothill Ranch Map- high detail

More Tech Memes

James Kim Search Discussion – Click here

Yikes – I leave town for a few days and can hardly keep up with all the interesting tech news items. In addition to the fun Jeremy v. Matt copycat debate we’ve got:

Jason on Digg Rigging This is just a tiny part of the HUGE number of upcoming stories which will showcase how complex the relationships are between SEO, social networking sites, and …. money.   I actually contacted the Digger Jason is effectively accusing of abuse and it does not appear to me he’s taken any money at any time.   Here’s a great summary of that “Digg Ban” case.   But his innocence does not suggest to me that there is not a huge and growing issue with Social media SEO uses and abuses.  At PubCon many were discussing how powerfully social networking can help with organic optimization as well as straight traffic generation to a site that gets “dugg” or creates a compelling (including stupid but popular) YouTube video.

Jim at Microsoft apologizing in a very web 2.0 way. Scoble would be proud of this “naked conversations” approach to corporate blogging. Too bad Microsoft didn’t see how making Robert the semi-official corporate blogmeister with the huge salary increase he deserved for “getting Web 2.0” before the suits did (most MS suits don’t even get it now) would have returned 100x on the investment.

… and speaking of “getting Web 2.0”. Yahoo does but can’t seem to get the mileage they deserve for retooling the corporation as a community internet extravaganza. This set of leaked Yahoo internal documents about the potential Facebook aquisition provides a fascinating glimpse into how big deals are analyzed. As a Yahoo shareholder I think they should save the billion and just get their stupid ass in gear with the excellent social network stuff they already own like Flickr (which should be the template for other social applications, Del.icio.us (OVERHAUL the INTERFACE and yes, you can rename this URL monstrosity! ), Yahoo Video, Yahoo 360, Answers, groups, etc, etc. As I’ve noted before Yahoo suffers from giving people so many options they tire of the decision making and go to Google’s simple interfaces, search, and simpler suite of choices. Google expects us to act like the sheep we are. Yahoo expects us to do too much mental work choosing how we relate to the internet.

Going Techno Postal?

James Kim Search Discussion – Click here

OK, I’ve really missed ranting about technology things for the past few weeks so I’m going to take a look at what’s going on over at TechMeme.

Jeremy over at Yahoo is always very honest about Yahoo’s shortcomings so it’s good to see him get to take a shot at Google even though the transgression is not exactly earth-shaking, more just a funny oddness that gets internet people all worked up. Google copied Yahoo‘s IE7 pitch page. (It was changed to this today or last night). Here’s a great graphic which shows the smoking gun evidence: http://chir.ag/stuff/yahoo-to-google.gif

Matt Cutts is a totally stand up guy and this is not his department but he’s Google’s ambassador to the blogging masses so it fell to him to address this. Now, you don’t dis Google or Matt may go Inigo Montoya on you. Matt’s lackluster “apology” sounded more like an attack on Yahoo’s own copycat behavior even though he noted that it was Robert Scoble‘s excellent advice – which was totally not taken – that led him to post about this. Robert suggested the Google peeples take out the Yahoo peeple for a fancy lunch in a limo, which would have been a neat PR gimmick.

This is superficially trivial but actually has deeper significance as a measure of the overall online sentiment about Google. Google is still in the driver’s seat with respect to most things internet but I’d suggest that we are now seeing a tendency for the knowlegeable users to reevaluate their relationships with Google, Yahoo, and even Ask and MSN. This reminds me in some ways of the days when Yahoo was totally in the online driver’s seat and Google – with clearly superior search – started to eat Yahoo’s lunch but still had only a tiny market share. Had Yahoo bought Google back then, rather than just using their search algorithm and helping to make Google the online behemoth it is today, the online landscape would sure look different. I’m glad they didn’t though because Google’s new approaches and “techno centric” business models have arguably done more to change the way we all do business than any other recent global business developments.

Ironically in this little debate is the fact that when Yahoo FINALLY figures out how to effectively copy the gist of Google’s contextual ad matching systems (adwords and adsense) we could see a huge change in the online search game as publishers would have more choice in who they align with.

Disclaimer: I’ve got some Yahoo Stock so I root for them to succeed even though I try to post honest comments about what’s up.

South Carolina couple, missing for days, found dead in North Carolina

James Kim Search Discussion – Click here

Update: The couple have been found dead with their car in a swampy area off I-95. 

— earlier —

Here’s a new case of missing people brought to my attention by Tara and Glenn who have been brainstorming ways to avoid the Kim Family tragedy here in Southern Oregon.

You can Digg the Fox News Story to bring more attention to the situation.

Thanks to Glenn here are several more accounts:







In this case foul play seems possible, so it would be nice to have a way for everybody along to route to simply keep their eyes open for a White Mazda with SC plates. I’ll post the police tip line when I find it.

Wayne and Dianne Guay, of Myrtle Beach, S.C., were expected in the Ridgewood section of Queens on Thursday night.

They’d likely have travelled Interstate 95. I wonder if the family/anybody has a way to contact all the hospitals that would take in accidents off that route? I’m a sloppy reader, this is in the article: Family members called state troopers along Interstate 95, the route the couple was expected to take, but there was no word of any accidents.

The dearth of local news was frustrating with the Kim saga and now I’m noticing how hard it is to get good local reports. Part of that is the fact local news is getting replaced by mega media conglomerates like ClearChannel, and part is that Google still sucks for many queries like “Ladysmith VA News” where the top listing is great=topix news, but the next two are advertising for TV and Real Estate sites and worthless.

Climbers missing on Mount Hood, Oregon

OregonLive reports that the search for the missing climbers on Mount Hood has ended. Search for climbers now a “recovery effort”
Hood River County Sheriff Joe Wampler said today the search for two missing climbers on Mount Hood is now a “recovery effort. “We’ve done everything we can at this point,” Wampler said, after returning from a airplane ride around the mountain earlier this morning. Wampler’s decision ended a dramatic nine-day search for three climbers who went missing on Mount Hood on Dec. 11. Earlier this week, the body of one was found in a snow cave near the summit of the 11,240-foot mountain — the second-most climbed in the world. Earlier today, the search for Brian Hall of Texas and Jerry “Nikko” Cooke of New York was scaled back dramatically with no searchers working above the tree line.

As of 11am on Tuesday OregonLive, the online leg of the Oregonian Newspaper, is reporting that the search for the missing climbers on Mount Hood will be scaled back. No more helicopters will search though 2 planes and some ground crews will contine the search for the climbers.

Search for hikers gets scaled back; pictures found in James’ camera worry authorities
Hood River County Sheriff Joe Wampler said today’s search for two missing climbers will be scaled back considerably, and authorities worry that time may be running out to find the men alive.

CNN Sunday

KGW news reports

As of 3:45 Sunday reports are that one climber has been found dead in a snow cave with no sign of the other 2 missing climbers.

As of 11:30 am Saturday the plan is to have a team scale up, then down Mount Hood in attempt to find the three missing climbers, one in snow cave near summit and two with location unknown.

Much more is in Comments Section

Summary of articles from The Hendricks Report

Climbers are missing on Mount Hood | James Kim Discussion Click HERE

Friday Update – CNN

Update Wednesday

Update Tuesday from Oregon Live

A more detailed Mount Hood Climbers search discussion is here

Excellent summary of the route and circumstances is here

… please feel free to post in comments ...

Kudos to Ezyflares for sending Hood River some emergency flares after reading this post.

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