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Ringtone Scams are about 99% of that business … so beware!

I  *hate* the ringtones business because it represents so much of what is wrong with the internet and wrong with people.   Here’s one post about some of the millions of problems that plague the Ringtones Scam industry – a very … Continue reading

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Blinkx is a brilliant video search program that allows people to search *within* videos for specific content.  This has become one of the holy grails of search because the internet is now awash in video content. Tastes vary but almost … Continue reading

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Robots and emotions

The BBC reports that a project is trying to teach robots to react to humans in emotional ways.   Sounds cool, though I’d suggest it’s always important to make a distinction between when a thinking mechanism can *talk* so much … Continue reading

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The Global Search continues for a great Local Search

Techcrunch reports that Insider Pages, a local search, has been aquired, probably for just a little more than it’s initial investments of something like 8.5 million. For about 2 years now there’s been a huge amount of talk about how … Continue reading

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Orthotics !

After  having a lot of trouble with foot pain in the arch of my foot I decided to look into Orthotics.  The word sounds like a major geriatric bone condition, but actually Orthotics refers simply to supportive shoe inserts.    Orthotics … Continue reading

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Bald Britney Spears busts out of Britney Spears rehab

Some time ago I was testing how terms are getting ranked by search engines here at the blog and I noted that blog traffic spiked from a simple post about Cicarelli, a famous model.   Time to test Britney Spears which … Continue reading

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Larry Page – Artificial Intelligence attainable.

Over at Battelle’s there is a good AI discussion. I’m always amazed by how reluctant we humans are to realize that our intellectual abilities are neat, but generally overrated. In the evolution debate you see folks unwilling to recognize the … Continue reading

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