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Gutenberg + 550 years = Our ADDd Internet

John Naughton, writing in the Guardian, has a nice piece about the reading revolution inspired by Gutenberg and the uncertain future of our online equivalents to the books we have held dear for several centuries.  Studies are noting how fleeting … Continue reading

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Bill Gates’ Critics – they just can’t handle the truth!

I get so tired of reading the innane drivel criticizing Bill Gates’ excellent vision of global prosperity through more innovative approaches to global capitalism.    Gates is right on, and this should be obvious to those who care about capitalism OR who care … Continue reading

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Bluetooth prosthetics for US soldier

A Double amputee will walk again thanks to bluetooth enabled prosthetic legs which can walk naturally in part thanks to using the wireless signals.   News report.    I find it frustrating that  people are on the one hand very comfortable supporting great technologies … Continue reading

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Scoblegate? No – Scobleizer ads are NOT a sellout.

Mike Arrington, hanging in Davos with the global power elite, has a great title today with “Scoble Sells Out“, a fake jab at his pal Robert Scoble who is finally putting ads on his hugely popular blog (and is also lounging in Davos with the … Continue reading

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Video Games Rulez!?

Video Gaming is a substantial economy.   Last year saw over 18 billion in US gaming sales, about 9 billion each from games and 9 billion from the sale of the consoles – gaming computers like XBox360 and WII.   Gaming saw a whopping 28% gain over … Continue reading

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Virgin Galactic’s Open Source Spaceship

What a great concept!   Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is launching a spaceship project where they’ll apply to space flight the principles from Open Source software development – ie shared development by community without the encumbrances of profitable ownership.  Profit works … Continue reading

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Pownce vs Twitter

I’m experimenting with Pownce, on which I’ve had an account for some time but which is now taking off as a social application after public release a few days ago.     So far it seems a lot like a “prettier” twitter … Continue reading

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