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Google & Facebook & Twitter, oh my!

Silicon Alley Insider is discussing an interesting analysis suggesting that Facebook could be a “Google Killer” thanks to Facebook’s greater rate of growth and the suggestion that Facebook now accounts for 19% of incoming Google unique user traffic, up from … Continue reading

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The Man Who Sued Google – and won $731

The following fun item came up today from Aaron, who managed to sue Google in small claims court over a Google Adwords / Adsense dispute and actually ….. won the case.  Here’s the story. Adsense expert Jennifer Slegg suggests Aaron … Continue reading

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Google Social Search Wiki Launches

Today’s tech blogOsphere buzz is about Google’s new wiki search feature that allows users to rank their own results.     This appears to me to be a splendid idea although I agree with some who say it won’t get … Continue reading

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Google Knol – very good but very failing?

Google Knol, the Googley competition for Wikipedia, was announced with some fanfare and really seemed like a great idea.    The ‘knol’ stands for “Knowledge”, and articles are written by people who verify their identities and presumably have some knowledge … Continue reading

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Steve Fossett ID, cash, jacket found near Mammoth Lakes, California. Hoax or real?

Hikers and searchers from the Mammoth Lakes Calfornia are reporting they have found an FAA ID for Steve Fossett along with a jacket and some crumpled money.     I’m confused as to why this is only coming out now after two … Continue reading

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Matt Cutts from Google

Matt Cutts at the Google Dance Originally uploaded by JoeDuck It’s always great to get a chance to talk to Matt Cutts at search conferences though I didn’t have any good complicated search questions to bug him about this year. … Continue reading

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SES, SEO, Blogs

Blogging the conference has been a great way to test some ideas about blog ranking and watch Google struggle to bring the most relevant content into the main search (they’ve done pretty well with blog search, not so well with … Continue reading

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