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Mark Cuban to Google – you are crazy! JoeDuck to Google – just show me some money!

Mark Cuban, no stranger to online video having made about a billion in that field, challenges Google’s sanity in the YouTube deal here. It seems to me Cuban’s been the most insightful of those reviewing this deal and my first … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 Metrics? Aren’t we still trying to figure out Web 0.1 metrics?

Jeremy often asks the questions people will be asking next year. Here, Zawodny notes the difficulties as Web 2.0 brings a lot more than pageviews to the browser table and cites this article about how pageviews are problematic as a … Continue reading

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Google Buys YouTube for 1.65 Billion … dollars

It’s official – Google buys YouTube for 1.65 billion. Yikes, the early estimates of 1.6 billion were off by 0.05 billion which is real money even to Google. Unless Zuckerman wises up soon that 50 million will be the entire … Continue reading

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Google and Youtube

Deals with Youtube and Google are flourishing today in the fertile ground of a 1.6 billion dollar aquistion of the online video leader* by the online money and search leader. The announcement is expected this afternoon or evening that Google’s … Continue reading

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Online News Association to Arrington: Hey, let’s get Mikey!

Poor Mike Arrington. From his blog it sounds like Mike was the token sacrificial lamb at the recent Online News Association conference where his comments were not taken well by the crowd of what sounds like mostly conventional journalists (or … Continue reading

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Google to buy Youtube for 1.6 billion

It’s now almost official that Google will buy Youtube for a whopping 1.6 billion. They’ll announce it after the close today.    Here’s the NYT take on things. I’d have listened to Mark Cuban because it seems to me he’s in … Continue reading

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