Komarnitsky’s Halloween Webcams – amazing..


Alek informs me that he really is up to amazing X10 cam tricks with lights and inflating Homers despite the fact that it was a hoax back in 2002. It really is amazing then.
Alek Komarnitsky has (not!?) set up a remarkable use of remote online control at his house for Halloween, with 3 webcams, light switches, and inflatables controlled by the viewers. Amazing. NOT Amazing.


Google vs Microsoft reveals a pitiful MS

Today’s Tech headlines:

Google Aquires JotSpot

Google shares ad wealth with videographers 

Microsoft has a new image on their boxed software 

Who’d have thunk just a few years ago that so many would be pitying Microsoft as the “has been” of computing innovation?     Sorry, but Ms. Dewey is just not going to head off Google, MS guys.